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Welcome tesoro English


Welcome to Guest House
in Okushiga Kogen
At Okushiga Kogen with an altitude of 1,500 m
Guesthouse to fully enjoy luxury in nature, free-lance


Nagano Prefecture Okushiga Kogen, a guest house to freely enjoy luxury in nature.
“Tesoro ” is a “treasure”. Like children playing treasure hunter games, we enjoy living in Okushiga more than anyone, cherishing every day while looking for many kinds of treasure.
We would like to convey the happiness that we enjoy every day to as many people as possible.
Please spend your time at a warm, at-home family-run guesthouse.
Enjoy various activities which are based at the inn during the green season and enjoy the powder snow in a ski area that can be reached within 2 minutes on foot from the inn during the white season !
Come as you are, free and simple.

About Okushiga Kogen

Located at the northern part of Nagano prefecture, it is one of Japan’s best highland resorts with an altitude of 1,500 m -2,000 m.
Many tourists visit this area to enjoy its lush natural environment in any season.
Enjoy a well-maintained mountaineering and trekking course, beautiful mountain sceneries that change from spring to autumn, from fresh green to autumn leaves, soak in hot springs to heal yourself from fatigue, and enjoy ski resorts with exquisite powder snow! Various large and small courses are available, enjoy a fun time with your family or challenge a full-blown downhill ski course. A lot of skiers visit from Japan and abroad. There are also courses used for competition at the Nagano Winter Olympics held in 1998.
This is a wonderful place to enjoy the beautiful nature that changes
with the season and the myriad of activities in it.


Topics hearRESERVED

  • 春の外観
  • 冬の外観

Guest Rooms

Relax in our guest rooms with unified chic color tones. All rooms are comfortable and equipped with floor heating.
Number of rooms: 9 rooms. All rooms are equipped with washlet toilets.

  • Outbus Typeアウトバスタイプ
    7 rooms (6 western-style room, 1 Japanese-style room)
    This is the hotel’s standard-type room. Toilets and washbasins are also equipped in outbus-type rooms.
  • Bathroom-equipped Typeバス付きタイプ
    2 rooms (a single-use western-style room with a sofa bed, so it can be used as a twin room)
    Room with separated bathroom with easy-to-use washing place.
    You can use it for 24 hours.


Hand towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, bath towel, soap

Shared space

  • バス付きタイプ

    We will welcome you with vintage-style lights and music. Bask in the vast and lush landscape through the dining room’s window. The entrance to the wood deck is here. Please enjoy a free time with a cup of coffee.
    Upright-type piano

    It is a Schvester piano, crafted by artisans.
    Although it is a 30-year-old upright piano, it is calibrated twice a year so it still produces great sound. Feel free to enjoy it!
  • 男女別浴室
    Gender-separated bathing rooms

    15:00 – 22:00 , 6:00 – 8:00
    The bathtub with a moderate depth is popular to relieve fatigue. There are 2 showers in each bathroom. We prepare aroma shampoos with Darjeeling fragrance as an amenity. Female bathroom is equipped with tools needed for babies and small children.
  • 脱衣所
    Dressing room

    We have set up a spacious dressing space.
    Hairdryers are available here.
  • 給湯設備
    Hot-water supply facility

    We prepare a hot water supply facility on the second floor that guests can use freely (self-service). Kettle pot, refrigerator freezer, microwave oven, sink, etc. are available. We also have glasses and tea bags, so please use them during your stay.
  • 乾燥室
    Drying room

    It is located on the basement floor. It is a very simple drying room, but we have installed a wax table, so please use it by all means.
    There is also a washing machine installed (300-yen usage fee). We hope that you can utilize it during your long-term stay.
    The lift station is located within 2 minutes on a dedicated walkway.

Fun equipment is also availableFor you to spend your memorable time freely

  • ツリーテントd e お昼寝

    Tree Tent

    How about relaxing and having a nap while being surrounded by white birch or Japanese rowan?
  • 野外デッキ

    Outdoor deck

    Reading in clear air and cozy wind during the day.
    In the evening you can use it to enjoy a cup of wine under the starry sky.
  • スラッグライン

    Slack line

    We have two slack lines installed.
    Let’s try slacklining!
  • 入り口のデッキ

    Welcome deck

    We are glad if you can enjoy this cute relaxing space. You can use it to remove the dirt on your boots during the spring skiing or the green season.

Information on cuisine

We are also striving to provide at-home meals and space.
The concept of this place is to let all customers fully enjoy a “fun, delicious, and warm time”.
We carefully select “Materials (local production for local consumption) and we offer creative menus of Japanese, Western and Chinese foods that are suitable for each season.

DINNERDinner menu example

  • 長野奧志賀の地物野菜

    Dinner menu example

    Delicious vegetables from North Shinano
    Beautiful vegetables in North Shinano. The vegetables that the farmers have worked hard to cultivate are cooked with love.
  • グラインダーで美味しいコーヒー

    Delicious coffee

    We prepare delicious coffee using a grinder made by Spong company from the UK after your dinner. The unique property of the grinder is the ability to produce different grinding states, shown in the picture no. 1, no. 2, no. 3. Coffee beans are purchased mainly in Kenya, Ethiopia, Guinea, Brazil and Colombia. Their compatibility with Okushiga’s delicious water is outstanding.

BREAKFASTBreakfast menu example

Tesoro Okushiga provides a taste that does not make our long-stay guests bored. Our continental breakfast is a standard western-style egg meal with sausages and ham, freshly baked bread and fresh fruits. For Japanese-style combination, we will prepare miso soup rich in local vegetables, various kinds of grilled fish and simmered dishes with Koshihikari rice from Nagano Prefecture. Please enjoy Okushiga’s delicious coffee after your meal. Cold-brewed coffee may also be served, although not every time.

DRINKDrinkFor drinks, we have stocked a variety of wine, sparkling wine, local beer, local wine, single malt whisky and various soft drinks.

  • スパークリングワイン

    Sparkling Wine

    Please feel free to enjoy as we provide half-bottle and full-bottle servings.
  • 志賀高原ビール

    Shiga Kogen beer

    Tamamura Sake Brewery and Shiga Kogen Beer are what the locals are proud of. We regularly stock 6 types of beer for our guests to enjoy the differences.
  • ワインは地元ワイナリーを中心に


    We have selected wines from wineries in Obuse Town and Takayama Village. They are popular due to their special taste and pride.
  • 地酒

    Local Sake

    There are 2 kinds of sake brewed in Tesoro, Engi (Yamanouchi Town) and Mizuo (Iiyama city). We recommend Mizuo to those who prefer dry sake.
  • スコッチウイスキー

    Scotch whiskey

    We only serve Scotch whisky. Please do not hesitate to ask us because we have stocks ranging from standard to slightly unique types.
  • 西酒造芋焼酎天使の誘惑
    Sweet Potato Shochu from Nishi Shuzo Distillery
    Temptation of angels = Eau de vieWhy sweet potato shochu? Do you know that the phrase Eau de vie is written at the top of the angle on the label? Although Eau de vie changed to tesoro, it was especially prepared for Eau de vie fans.
    The angel’s temptation of Sweet Potato Shochu from Nishi Shuzo Distillery
    Authentic sherry barrels imported from Spain

    Sweet potato shochu aged in authentic sherry barrel, which were imported from Spain, develops the “amber color” with the passing of time. Please enjoy it on the rock with round ice.


Winter Season Price Table for 1 night with 2 meals / tax included

Room typeWeekdayOther than the dates on the rightThe day before a holidaySaturdays, consecutive holidays, GWSpecific datesDecember 28 to January 4
OB2 people – 4 persons use / room
(With toilet and washbasin)
16,500〜JPY17,600〜 JPY18,800〜 JPY
WBWB 1 person / room
With bathroom, toilet, and wasbashin
18,700 JPY19,800 JPY20,800 JPY
Elementary school student
70% of adult fee
11,550~ JPY12,320~ JPY13,160~ JPY
Infant (preschool child)
50% of adult fee
8,250~ JPY8,800~ JPY 9,400~ JPY
OB = Outbus WB = With bath

[Additional information]
1. The price indicated above is for 1 person stay with 2 meals per night include tax.
The price will be reduced by 4,400 Yen if “no dinner” option is selected.
Junior high school students and above will be charged for adults.
Elementary school students will be provided the same menu as adults with slightly less volume.
(Coffee and tea are not included)
Infant fee in the table above is for “bedding + 2 meals for infants”.

2. If you have any requests such as the ones below, please mention it in the comment field of the form.
Infant’s meal only: 1,500 yen (only for preschool children)
Infant bedding only: 3,250 yen (only for preschool children)
*Infant fee for B days: plus 1,000 Yen; for C days: plus 2,000 Yen

3. Pre-school children who do not need bedding and meal can stay for free.

4. Please pay in cash or credit cards. (VISA, Master, Amex, Jcb,Diners,Discover)

5. Check-in after 22 o’clock is available as a “self-check-in”.
(In keeping with the message of the next morning, I will put a room key at the front desk.)

[Cancellation Rules]
・14 days before: 10%, up to 3 days before: 30%, up to 1 day before: 50%, on the day: 100%




Guest House NameTesoro Okushiga
12377-26, Yomase, Yamanochi-machi Shimotakai-gun, Nagano, 381-0405, Japan


Transfer at JR Nagano station to Yuda Naka on the Nagano Electric Railway, change from Yudanaka station to Okushiga Kogen and get off at the terminal “Okushiga Kogen”
Walk for 2 minutes from the bus stop to reach tesoro Okushiga. There is also a direct bus to Okushiga Kogen from in front of Nagano station.

  • Tokyo (Hokuriku Shinkansen, Kagayaki, Minimum time 1 hour 22 minutes) – Nagano –

    (1) Nagano Electric Railway (limited express 38 minutes) – Yudanaka (bus 60 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
    (2) Nagano Electric Railway (direct bus 1 hour 35 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
  • Nagoya (Chuo Main Line, Limited Express Wide View Shinano, Minimum time 2 hours 55 minutes) – Nagano –

    (1) Nagano Electric Railway (limited express 38 minutes) – Yudanaka (bus 60 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
    (2) Nagano Electric Railway (direct bus 1 hour 35 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
  • Kanazawa (Hokuriku Shinkansen, Kagayaki, Minimum time 1 hour 5 minutes) – Nagano –

    (1) Nagano Electric Railway (limited express 38 minutes) – Yudanaka (bus 60 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
    (2) Nagano Electric Railway (direct bus 1 hour 35 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
  • Fukui (Hokuriku main line, Thunderbird & Hokuriku Shinkansen, Kagayaki, minimum time around 2 hours 30 minutes) – Nagano

    (1) Nagano Electric Railway (limited express 38 minutes) – Yudanaka (bus 60 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
    (2) Nagano Electric Railway (direct bus 1 hour 35 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
  • Toyama (Hokuriku Shinkansen, Kagayaki, minimum time 47 minutes) – Nagano –

    (1) Nagano Electric Railway (limited express 38 minutes) – Yudanaka (bus 60 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
    (2) Nagano Electric Railway (direct bus 1 hour 35 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
  • Niigata (Joetsu Shinkansen, Hokuriku Shinkansen, minimum time 2 hours 37 minutes) – Nagano –

    (1) Nagano Electric Railway (limited express 38 minutes) – Yudanaka (bus 60 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
    (2) Nagano Electric Railway (direct bus 1 hour 35 minutes) – Okushiga Kogen
*Change at Nagano Station to Nagano Electric Railway or use a direct bus




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